Options for getting help with Apache NiFi and BatchIQ instances

BatchIQ AMI Support

BatchIQ provides support for all of our AMI products through the BatchIQ Support Portal.

  • Community Edition customers receive best-effort support on basic AMI launch and connectivity issues during regular business hours, U.S. Pacific time.
  • Professional Edition customers recieve expedited and off-hours response to all questions about the AMI and their Apache NiFi data flow.

Get Help

NiFi Community Support

Apache NiFi enjoys a vibrant open-source community that can help answer many questions about using, administering, and operating NiFi.

  • Apache NiFi Documentation - Comprehensive documentation for using, administering, and developing NiFi is available from the NiFi Docs site and NiFi Wiki.
  • Apache NiFi Mailing List - Email lists for engaging the NiFi community facilitate active email discussions, especially for developers of NiFi solutions. See NiFi Mailing Lists for how to subscribe and search the archives.
  • Apache NiFi Tag on StackOverflow - Apache NiFi enjoys an active community on Stackoverflow, under the apache-nifi tag.

Get Custom Support

Paid assistance customized to your planning, training, operations, or incident support needs