Supporting all phases of Apache NiFi development and deployment



For our Professional Edition AMI and Enterprise customers

Designing, deploying, and operating Apache NiFi can seem daunting. BatchIQ can help you start down the right path with a one-on-one discussion covering essential planning topics:

  • Desigining AWS infrastructure including instance sizing, security groups, interoperability with other services
  • Outlining a data flow to match your business case
  • Connecting with external systems
  • Budgeting and cost management
  • Identifying key technical challenges
  • Monitoring

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Configuration and Troubleshooting

Configuration and Troubleshooting Support

For our Professional Edition AMI and Enterprise customers

BatchIQ will help your through the process of configuring your Apache NiFi environment and working through issues:

  • AWS network and security setting
  • EC2 instance access and security
  • Apache NiFi user access and authentication
  • Data source connectivity (EMR, S3, HTTP, etc)
  • Logging and monitoring
Occasionally, bad things happen even to well-configured instances. We help out with that, too.

Please contact support for assistance.

Training and P.O.C.

Training and Proof-of-Concept

Available on an engagement basis to all customers

We can get you and your team up to speed on Apache NiFi's capabilities and what it means to design a solution with NiFi. Training is customized to your needs, from introductory material to custom development and internals.

A proof-of-concept is a recommended starting point, combining instruction with hands-on practical exercises targeting your team's Apache NiFi solution objectives. Build confidence while reducing risk at the same time.

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Custom Development

Custom Development

Available on an engagement basis to all customers

BatchIQ can help you develop custom solutions taking advantage of Apache NiFi's many customization points:

  • Processors - to connect with external systems and implement custom algorithms
  • Controller Services - for shared configuration and connectivity
  • Reporting Tasks - for custom monitoring
  • More - enhancements for deployment, monitoring, and security

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