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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Professional Support include?

Professional support includes 24-hour response and assistance with planning, launching, and configuring your BatchIQ instances. Support includes help installing custom components, but not custom development (bring your own NAR).

Can I use custom components in BatchIQ AMIs, like Processors, Controller Services, Reporting Tasks, etc?

Yes! Apache NiFi offers many opportunities for customization, all of which are permitted and encouraged on BatchIQ AMIs. Your instance is yours to customize as needed, without restriction.

Do you do training on Apache NiFi

Yes. Training is provided as a customized hourly service. Typical topics include introduction to Apache NiFi, planning a NiFi installation, guided proof-of-concept development, monitoring and optimizing a flow, etc.

Do you offer support for Apache NiFi without an AMI?

Yes. We think our AMIs are great, but they may not be for everyone. We are pleased to support any Apache NiFi installation through our Enterprise offering.

Do you provide single-incident support for Apache NiFi

Yes. We provide single-incident support as an hourly service. Please contact us through the form below to get started.

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