James Wing By James Wing on 2017-05-24

The latest Apache NiFi release, 1.2.0, is now available in the AWS Marketplace from BatchIQ in Community and Professional Editions. You can read about the release in the official Apache NiFi Release Notes for 1.2.0. NiFi 1.2.0 is another big release with new features and improvements.

For me, the biggest new feature is the introduction of the Record concept for structured data in NiFi. NiFi has always had support for various structured data formats like JSON, Avro, CSV, XML, etc. But that support has been uneven, and has led to some bizarre data gymnastics trying to perform common conversions and transformations. Records bring a framework for more standardized operations on structured data, starting with schemas and common operations like splitting and format conversions. I expect this to be a growth area for NiFi, and should make life much easier for everyone working with structured and semi-structured data.