James Wing By James Wing on 2016-12-13

The latest Apache NiFi release, 1.1.0, is now available in the AWS Marketplace from BatchIQ in community and professional editions. You can read about the release in the official Apache NiFi Release Notes for 1.1.0. NiFi 1.1.0 is a big release with many improvements and fixes beyond the already big 1.0.0 release.

As always, I would like to call out a few exciting new features:

  • CloudWatch - New PutCloudWatchMetric processor for writing custom CloudWatch metrics, perfect for monitoring your NiFi flow.
  • ListS3 - ListS3 processor has improved performance handling large S3 buckets.
  • NiFi UI - Visual indications of backpressure and queue size.

Anyone migrating from an earlier version of NiFi should take a look at our upgrade guidance.