James Wing By James Wing on 2016-03-04

This article describes how to securely launch, configure, and connect to your Apache NiFi instance on AWS.


As you launch your NiFi instance, you should configure network connectivity for port 8080, which is the NiFi admin web server. You may also wish connectivity to port 22, for Secure Shell (SSH) access to the instance's operating system.

NiFi Security Group Settings

As an admin tool, the NiFi web server on port 8080 should not be open to all source IP addresses, you should restrict access to just your IP address. In the Launch on EC2 screen, configure your security group settings similar to the following picture:

NiFi Security Group Settings

Select My IP in the Source column for port 8080 to update the IP address to your actual IP, not the sample shown above.


After launching your instance, you can connect as follows:

  1. Find the instance's public DNS name
  2. Open your web browser to http://<Instance Public DNS>:8080/nifi
  3. Log in as user 'admin' with your instance ID as the password. You can find your instance ID from the EC2 Instances section of the management console.

NiFi Login Screen

After logging in, your browser will load the empty NiFi flow management canvas. You are ready to go! NiFi Flow Manager


If you are having trouble logging in, please check the following:

  • The instance is in a running state, with status checks showing "2/2 checks passed" in the EC2 Instances console
  • Your instance's Security Group should include an ingress rule for port 8080, allowing access from your source IP

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